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At a time when our country is divided, Echoes of Heroes has a vision of resurrecting America’s shared values.

Can it happen? Yes, it can. God, country, honor, service, and integrity are the values Echoes of Heroes cherishes and promotes.

Echoes of Heroes is a live production celebrating America’s heroes as well as offering promotion products to our sponsoring partners. If you listen to the preview of the song “Heroes in Our Midst”, then I am sure you will see America has many heroes in every walk of life. There is an unmet need to celebrate these heroes and the goodness of America.

There are heroes serving with honor and integrity in our military. These soldiers are our “Soldiers in the Breach”. If you listen to the song preview of “Soldiers in the Breach”, then I am sure you will see America is blessed to have countless brave men and women to celebrate.

After their service abroad, veterans return to their communities and continue to serve and sacrifice at home. Always remembering their love for their country.

If you listen to “Hey Flag”, then you will hear a wonderful loving conversation between a veteran and our flag.

Prayer is included in our country’s founding documents, thus recognizing God as our maker.

Prayer is a part of many Americans’ everyday life, especially the prayers of the brave in battle. If you listen to “Little Prayers”, then you will hear a payer of preparation and thankfulness for each day of life. While overseas serving a combat tour, my mother told me “I will pray for you always”; In times of intense operations, I felt peace knowing my mother was praying for me.

There are additional songs and spoken word segments in the Echoes of Heroes production which tell the story of America’s past and present. America needs more ways to celebrate together with family-friendly entertainment. The production consists of fifteen songs accompanied by spoken word segments telling of America’s greatness. The production includes several videos which can be used in many venues including stages, fairs, festivals, conventions, special events, weddings, funerals, churches, and schools. These videos and products will be used to advance and promote our sponsors.

Echoes of Heroes seeks sponsorship from American businesses who share our values and see value in affiliation and celebration in the best of America.

At a time when our country is divided, Echoes of Heroes has a vision of inspiring America’s shared values.