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Rewards Program

There is a fundraiser for the initial capital and the following rewards will be offered to the backers.

All backers will receive a video update as the project proceeds to completion. Below are the rewards listed for each level of contribution. Levels 7,8, and 9 also includes all rewards offered in level 1-6. Level 9 is having a part in a live performance of Echoes of Heroes. Please note you do not need to be musical to be able to perform, for there are many speaking parts.

Levels of Rewards

1. Patch: $5.00
2. Challenge Coin: $20.00
3. T-Shirt and Cap: $50.00
4. Signed Copy of Handwritten Lyrics of one song by the writer Fred Myers: $100.00
5. Patch, Challenge Coin, T-Shirt and Cap, and Signed Lyrics: $200.00
6. Video of your choice personalized with your hero and their family’s pictures: $500.00
7. You will appear in the final production video: $1000.00
8. You will have the opportunity to be backstage for a live performance. $2000.00
9. You will have the opportunity to be in one live performance. $10,000.00

By joining this fundraiser, you will be a part in uniting and celebrating America and its people.

Bringing back family entertainment that teaches and encourages Americas best in a way that places God, family, honor, service, and integrity first. A patriotic celebration uniting all Americans. Would you consider helping Echoes of Heroes achieve something that we used to do in entertainment by celebrating the greatness of who we are?

Thank you for your consideration.

At a time when our country is divided, Echoes of Heroes has a vision of inspiring America’s shared values.